It’s not easy to be a Christian in America today.

It’s not easy to be a Christian in America today.

While we’re unlikely to be physically persecuted like our courageous brothers and sisters in Christ in other countries, we are often vilified in the media, silenced in public discourse, or shamed at work for speaking about what we believe.

But Jesus never promised us ease. 

He promised us him.

And it’s with his guidance in your personal walk, and it’s with his voice through the Bible he’s left us, that we can seek answers to today’s toughest questions.

For biblically based answers to these questions and more, request your copy today of Biblical Insight to Tough Questions, Vol. 11.

The Biblical Insight series is a perennial favorite among our readers because the chapters are short but practical.

Dr. Jim Denison and our team of writers get to the point, with the intention that you then search Scripture yourself for confirmation.

In this volume, we cover these ten questions:

  1. Should I attend a same-sex wedding?
  2. Can a Christian get a tattoo?
  3. How should Christians respond to immigration?
  4. Should a Christian struggle with mental illness?
  5. Can I own a gun as a Christian?
  6. Does God care what job I have?
  7. What are the sign gifts? Do they still matter today?
  8. Why did Abraham consent to sacrifice Isaac?
  9. Why did God command genocide in the Old Testament?
  10. How would Jesus use social media?

It’s our hope that Biblical Insight to Tough Questions, Vol. 11 helps you arrive at a firm biblical basis for how you answer these questions.

And it’s our prayer that God then transforms the knowledge you’ve gained into actions you’ll take to live out the gospel “in truth and love” throughout your days.

Today, request your copy of Biblical Insight to Tough Questions, Vol. 11.

And please know that when you donate, you are encouraging believers across the globe with the truth of God’s word.

Being a Christian in America may not be easy, but we are still called to follow God no matter the cost.

Will you?

P. S. For a limited time, you may request volume 11 and the box set of the first 10 Biblical Insight books for your gift of $175 or more. Since each volume includes 10 questions, that’s 110 insights into 110 challenging questions of our day. Click here to get all 11 volumes.

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