What is your fondest Christmas memory?

What is your fondest Christmas memory?

Christmastime creates indelible memories. 

These memories become your Christmas story.

And, with every new Christmas—even in a year like 2020—we’re given the opportunity to write a new chapter of that story.

But maybe you need a few fresh ideas to celebrate this Christmas.

In Our Christmas Stories: 26 Reflections to Enrich Your Christmas Season, dozens of women share a memorable moment of a Christmas past—stories that could become your Christmas present.

From inspiring to bittersweet, these personal stories of Christmas may have different details, but they all ultimately reveal the same story of the “good news of great joy” of Jesus’ birth (Luke 2:10). 

Request your copy of Our Christmas Stories today and be inspired by the story of “good news of great joy” every day this Christmas season.

Janet Denison, who compiled the stories, also provides short devotional thoughts with each story, ensuring that the greatest story of Christmas is never just a memory.

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