DAP Health's mission is to provide health care to provide access to ongoing healthcare access to everyone, which experts warn us is more important than ever. Especially after the two most recent pandemics we have and continue to deal with, such as COVID and Mpox. We also address areas causing adverse health outcomes following these pandemics, like sexual wellness, food and housing insecurity, joblessness, isolation, and transportation.

We are willing to do the work to give everyone the same opportunities at health, based on their needs and not their income.

With your support, we can provide the care that we all deserve. Please donate today.

$25 Provides a free and confidential HIV Test.

$50 Provides one gas voucher to supplement gasoline for medical transportation for our clients to attend medical and social services appointments.

$100 Covers the cost for lab tests for one person starting Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP).

$250 Provides 10 sets of critically important Personal Protective Equipment for our front-line COVID triage clinicians.

$500 Supports a client living at or below 200% of poverty level with rental assistance.

$1,000 Provides 30 Hepatitis C virus (HCV) tests.

$2,500 Delivers essential toiletries and sanitation supplies to up to 50 home-bound patients who are most vulnerable to COVID-19.

$5,000 Covers the cost of PrEP for 3 individuals for a month.

$10,000 Supports 20 clients living at or below 200% of poverty level with rental assistance.


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