Get educated. Know the issues. Vote wisely.

Did you know that only 25% of the 60 million conservative women in our nation voted in the last presidential election?

That means 45 million conservative women didn’t vote. And that’s how elections are lost.

Your donation today will make a vital difference. You’ll help …

  • Initiate a 20-state bus tour targeting voters in the most influential districts around the country.
  • Educate voters about the importance of voting – not just in the presidential race, but also in our federal, state, and local races.
  • Teach voters about their responsibility to make informed, educated decisions.
  • Alert voters to the upcoming Supreme Court nominations, the role our new president and the Senate will play in those decisions, and the impact new Justices will have on the future of our nation.
  • Assist voters with registration and voter identification, ensuring that everyone is ready for Election Day.

We can’t imagine looking back on this pivotal day and realizing we didn’t put everything we have – time, energy, and resources – into getting people to take action on November 8th.

So please give today to help get out the vote!


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