Parents need to know: You don’t have to be perfect!

Every day, the Christian Parenting Podcasting Network reaches over 200,000 moms and dads with a message of freedom — that they don’t have to be perfect to be awesome parents!

These are moms like Tya who recently shared about the “Pardon the Mess” podcast…

“I am a mama of 3 girls (4,3, and 9 months!) and I just want to THANK you for your podcast. It is my absolute favorite podcast. The praying for your kids episodes are SO good. I just finished listening to praying identity and at the end you said you hope it helps us to pray for our kids in ways we haven’t before, and it totally does. Your podcasts help me cover my kids in prayer in ways I’ve never thought of and I’m so thankful for them. All of your other episodes with other people and the topics you cover are so good too.”

Can you hear the freedom in Tya’s voice? It’s that same freedom you can share with others when you give a special gift to help keep the Christian Parenting Podcasting Network going strong.

So please give today, knowing that every dollar you give reaches one new parent like Tya with trusted guidance through podcasts, books, workbooks, prayer journals, and other practical tools.

Thank you for your donation to help more moms and dads find freedom in being perfectly imperfect!

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