Learn to see your suffering with fresh eyes and a fresh heart

Learn to see your suffering with fresh eyes and a fresh heart

The daily challenge in the midst of suffering is to keep your heart soft and your communication lines open. We want to help you do that, which is why we created A Parent’s Guide to Sorrow & Suffering. In our workbook, Daniel and Kelly Crawford walk us through some of the highest-felt needs of suffering:

  1. Wrestling with God
  2. Myths & truths
  3. Relational roadblocks
  4. Purpose in the pain

Our heart is to lead you through this workbook, allowing its content to help you see your circumstances and selves with fresh eyes and fresh hearts. It’s so much more about the process than the destination.

Friend, please hear us on this—even in your suffering, God is at work for his eternal glory and your eternal good.You are never alone

We invite you to join us on this four-week journey, as we guide you in understanding and coping with the parts of your life that have left you wanting.



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