NOTEworthy Kids—50 Encouraging Notes Every Child Needs to Receive

NOTEworthy Kids—50 Encouraging Notes Every Child Needs to Receive

An easy way to give your kids the encouragement they want and need!

Some parents are better at encouraging their kids than others. And sometimes, no matter how good you are at encouraging, life just has a way of well, getting in the way!

That’s why Cynthia Yanof wrote her latest project, NOTEworthy Kids—50 Encouraging Notes Every Child Needs to Receive. And it’s why we’d love to send them your way today.

It’s easy to encourage your NOTEworthy kids by placing these notes in, on, or by their…

  • Backpack, athletic bag, or lunch box
  • Bathroom mirror or nightstand
  • Pillow
  • Car
  • Kitchen counter
  • Camp trunk or care package
  • Bedroom or dorm room

The NOTEworthy Kids encouragement cards are our gift to thank you for your donation, so request yours today—knowing how grateful we are for your support to help more moms and dads like you become the perfectly imperfect parents God’s created us to be.

We pray the NOTEworthy Kids notes help you maximize every opportunity to encourage your kids this coming year… and remind them of the great value and purpose they hold as children of God!


"I love my kids more than life itself, but sometimes it’s just hard for me to encourage them like they need me to. Not sure what it is… probably my own insecurity or fear of being vulnerable in that way. Regardless, these note cards have put words to my thoughts in a way nothing else ever has. 

Thank you, Christian Parenting, for blessing me—but mainly my kids—with this amazing resource. It’s so fun to see their faces light up when they read their card of encouragement." - Derek 
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