Join us for 'A Foundation of Faith' Bible study this fall!

Join us for 'A Foundation of Faith' Bible study this fall!

Have you missed the opportunity to attend a weekly Bible study? 

Maybe it's due to work, illness, age, or the current COVID restrictions.

Or, have you always wanted to understand why Christians believe as they do? 

The most important choice I ever made for my spiritual growth was to be part of a weekly program of biblical study. It has been my great privilege to teach Bible studies for almost thirty years. 

This year, because of a worldwide virus, I am teaching a virtual Bible study that will be available online to everyone.

A Foundation of Faith is a weekly Bible study from the books of 1 and 2 Peter, Jude, and the faith of a variety of biblical characters. 

Peter’s faith was foundational to his life, and the wisdom he shared with first-century Christians remains central to the Christian faith today. The Bible is full of stories about average people with extraordinary faith. Those stories were preserved by God as Scripture for every generation. 

This series of lessons will guide your study. These books will ship directly to your home when you order below. 

Starting on September 14th, a video message for that week’s passage will be uploaded to as supplemental teaching to go along with your workbook. You can watch these videos at your own pace as you go through the curriculum or join us live week-to-week online.

Most people have questions about the Christian faith and the Bible, even people who have gone to church for most of their lives. 

Are you a person of faith? Or do you wish you could truly believe in God? 

However you come to a study like this one, you are welcome.  

My hope is that this year’s study will strengthen and equip us to be people of great faith today. 

I consider it a privilege to teach God’s word, and I would enjoy the opportunity to share A Foundation of Faith with you this year. 

Faith in God is personal, and faith in God is possible.

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