Ukrainian Children Need to Hear the Good News!

Ukrainian Children Need to Hear the Good News!

Hope for Ukraine began after the invasion of Ukraine back in 2022. This ministry effort was created to help bring hope to the boys and girls of Ukraine as they were dispersed due to the war. Ministry still continued in Ukraine and the surrounding European countries. Through Hope for Ukraine,134,000 children were reached in Ukraine in 2022 through camps, at orphanages, and online activities. 8,900 children made professions of faith! Ministry efforts happened regardless of bombs falling and war raging on, national missionaries supported by the SPAN Program (Sponsor-A-National), have sought to bring the good news of the Gospel to boys and girls. 

Maybe you have seen Ukraine popping back up in the news recently. Many countries around the world are rallying to Ukraine's aid as they enter the next part of the Ukraine-Russian war. Child Evangelism Fellowship® is seeking to come alongside our nearly 70 national missionaries supported through CEF's SPAN Program working in the country of Ukraine. SPAN stands for "Sponsor-A-National". The SPAN program is just one of the ways that CEF was able to reach over 19.5 million children in face-to-face ministry in 2022. 

These national missionaries have been hard at work since day one of the war, that began over 500 days ago. Stuffing backpacks with Gospel literature, toys, snacks, and other items for boys and girls. Sharing the good news of the Gospel in bomb shelters, by candle light, and other dangerous conditions. Ministry has not stopped for one day in Ukraine and surrounding countries. There are children that must be reached with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ! Just this last year in 2022, over 1.4 million children heard the Gospel all across Europe. National missionaries played a part in that.

A CEF national missionary supported by the SPAN Program in Ukraine can be supported for a whole year with just $4,800! For $20, they can be supported for a day, for $60 they can be supported for three days, $100 would support them for a week, and $400 would support them for a month.

What can you do? Help more boys and girls here the good news of the Gospel in Ukraine. Make a choice to support one of the national missionaries for a day, three days, a week, or a month! Let's get the good news to the children of Ukraine and continue to bring them hope. 

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