Sharing the Gospel with Children in North Korea

Sharing the Gospel with Children in North Korea

North Korea is still the most difficult nation CEF faces getting into — and we can only imagine how God’s heart must break over the MILLIONS of children here who have never once even heard the name of Jesus! Every summer, Christians in South Korea take the risky step of filling these Gospel balloons with helium, tracking the wind movements and launching them to targeted places in North Korea.

For several years now, we’ve asked Christian friends like you to PRAY that the door to this hard nation of North Korea would be opened so millions of people — especially the 5.3 million children — could hear about Jesus.

With friends and supporters like you, dozens of nations have opened to CEF ministry in the last 10 years — including many that are technically "closed" and hostile to the Gospel message.

Today I hope you will PRAY again for North Korea and especially for the person who receives your balloon — pray they will open their hearts to Christ and be protected from all harm.


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