You can bring DOUBLE the EASTER HOPE to boys and girls around the world!

You can bring DOUBLE the EASTER HOPE to boys and girls around the world!

Around the world, there are so many children who have never had the opportunity to hear the Gospel. The numbers can seem impossible,
but there is something amazing you can do to impact not just a few children, but hundreds — maybe even thousands!

With each one of CEF’s Boxes of Books you send, you’ll reach 650 children with the live-saving message of Jesus Christ.
650 children with just one box! And it only costs $75 to fill one box and ship it overseas to a national CEF worker –
someone who can guide these children as they come to know Jesus and grow in their faith. 

“Every week around 10,000 children are learning about Jesus through CEF. Because
our country is predominantly Muslim, there are few churches here and children canno
learn God’s Word without the help of Good News Clubs and teachers who receive
Boxes of Books. Thank you!” — CEF worker in an undisclosed country

What can you do today to bring the hope of the resurrected Christ to children who need it most?

Thanks to generous donors like you, when you give today your gift will be matched, up to $50,000!
That means your $75 will take the Gospel to not just 650 children, but 1,300 children! 

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