DOUBLE My Gift, DOUBLE the Good News

DOUBLE My Gift, DOUBLE the Good News

In a few weeks, kids will be headed back to school and we believe there is a great opportunity to share the gospel through Good News Clubs. There are more than 50 million children in public schools here in America, and 80% of them do not attend a church of any kind. Who will tell them about Jesus if not you and me?

We’re praying that you will be someone who helps us get more Good News Clubs started in more schools this year. The benefits are astounding ... not only do thousands of children get to hear about Jesus (some for the first time ever), but many schools and parents report a significant improvement in grades, attitude and behavior for students who attend Good News Club. But it all begins with friends like you who are willing to give whatever you can for Jesus to use.

Here’s the best news: friends of this ministry have given a special MATCHING GRANT to propel this effort and gain support in reaching the 62,000 public elementary schools that need a Good News Club.

So whatever you give today can be matched DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR — up to $15,000 to help TWICE as many kids hear about Jesus!


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