Champion the Gospel in Government!

In our modern era, political leaders play pivotal roles, shaping the destiny of nations and influencing our society in profound ways. Yet this influential group remains one of the most underserved mission fields, both in the United States and globally.

Scripture, from the Old to the New Testament, underscores the importance of reaching out to these leaders with the life-transforming message of the Gospel.

This is the mission that Capitol Ministries is deeply committed to.

Your gift today will provide...

  • Discipleship: We provide access to hundreds of studies specifically tailored to meet the unique challenges and responsibilities faced by public servants, written by Ralph Drollinger, President of Capitol Ministries, with over 25+ years of dedicated ministry in this field.
  • Resources: Increase the number of partnerships with Christian public servants to teach weekly in-depth, exegetical Bible studies on Capitol Hill.
  • Support: Ongoing training for political leaders, including weekly Zoom meetings, and annual in-person conferences.
  • Leadership Development: Provide spiritual guidance and resources to government leaders, empowering them to face their roles with integrity and insight.
  • Strategic Ministry Growth: Further the initiation and sustainment of new ministry fronts in strategic locations around the globe.
  • Sustainable Change: Through the consistent application of biblical principles, political leaders influenced by Capitol Ministries can foster lasting positive change in their communities and beyond.

This is a calling to be part of a global movement, impacting the political arena with the unchanging truth of God’s Word. If you feel the Holy Spirit nudging your heart towards this mission, I encourage you to give today.

Thank you for making a difference in the political arena through the power of God’s Word!


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      With your gift, you’ll help consistently deliver biblical teaching to political leaders worldwide, playing a crucial role in discipling nations through their leaders and advocating for governance rooted in Christian principles.

      “The work of Capitol Ministries in spreading the good news is more important than ever. Having enough perspective to realize that people who disagree with you are not automatically your enemies and learning how to treat each other and the constituents of this nation with respect will go a long way toward healing our nation. The work of Capitol Ministries is interwoven into those goals.” —DR. BEN CARSON, MD

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