Walking in Truth and Peace

Walking in Truth and Peace

Misinformation, deception, and panic have been winning the day lately, it seems. But God’s Word stands firm in these troubled times. 

Like a light in the darkness, the Bible offers peace and truth that can guide us as we make decisions and sift through the messages we are receiving from the news, the culture, and the people we interact with each day

Back to the Bible has developed an encouraging new devotional book to help you find assurance and rest in these unprecedented times. It’s called Win the Day: Daily Steps for Walking in Truth and Peace. It’s our gift to anyone who donates to the ministry work of Back to the Bible this month.

When you donate to Back to the Bible, you enable thousands of individuals all over the globe to draw closer to Jesus through our free resources such as devotionals, Bible-reading plans, and apps like goTandem. Discipleship is our passion!

Will you help people draw closer to Jesus today than yesterday?

Please make a tax-deductible gift to Back to the Bible today and receive your copy of Win the Day.



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