Overcome Anger and Fear

Overcome Anger and Fear

And grow in your relationship with God

What do you do when you are feeling spiritually stuck or experiencing anger, or fear? 

These are just some of the barriers that can keep you from growing in your relationship with God. 

You’re not alone. 

Research from the Center for Bible Engagement has determined these as some of the top struggles people of all ages and backgrounds deal with in everyday life.

Yet, the great news is that God’s Word is available to help you address your emotions, conquer your temptations, and win the day over these very trials. 

If you’re looking for practical, Scripture-based steps to overcoming anger and fear our Win the Day resource is a great place for you to start. 

Win the Day will help you apply the Scriptures and learn to stand firm, stand faithful, and stand on God’s Word. Will you join us in walking through this 14-day guide? 

You can get a copy of this helpful booklet by giving a gift of any amount to Back to the Bible today.


All donations to Back to the Bible are immediately put to work in:

  • Meeting people from all walks of life at their spiritual level
  • Coming alongside them to help them grow spiritually
  • Providing them with resources to aid their understanding of God and His Word
  • Equipping and motivating them to engage with Scripture
  • Helping them to extend their passion for Jesus Christ to others

Please give a generous gift today to this vital work of discipleship and receive Win the Day as our gift of appreciation.



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