Let Prayer Change Your Life

Let Prayer Change Your Life

Communicating with God is what we are designed for, so why do our prayers often feel forced, contrived, or mundane?

If your prayers have been rote, watered down, or perhaps even nonexistent, maybe it’s time to take a new look at the topic of prayer from a fresh perspective.

Let Back to the Bible help to reboot your prayer life and revitalize your time with the Lord. When you give a donation to the vital work of Back to the Bible this month, we will send you a copy of the insightful and compelling book Prayer: The Lost Discipline That Will Change Your Life, written by Mike Ross.

In addition to getting this fantastic resource, you can know that when you make a gift to Back to the Bible, you are making it possible for thousands of people who need the hope of Christ, experience it. Your gift will go directly to getting the Bible into the hands of people who have yet to read it and also help strengthen the relationship that people, like you, have with God by equipping them with resources to go deeper in His Word.

Make your gift today and receive a special bonus book! Pocket Prayers by Max and Andrea Lucado will be added to your shipment as a special thank you for supporting God’s work at Back to the Bible today.


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