So many people want to be spiritually fit, knowing God’s truth for their lives. But they often get stuck asking, “Where do I go? How do I start? What do I do?”

Back to the Bible exists to answer these questions! Through our research-based digital ministry platforms, we introduce thousands of people to God’s Word each day, meeting each person with content that encourages, teaches, and walks in community with them as they grow closer to Jesus and become spiritually fit!

The results: Statistics from The Center for Bible Engagement show that non-believers on our platform have an 87% success rate for engaging scripture 4 or more times a week. And those who engage the Bible 4 or more times a week are:

  • 59% LESS likely to view pornography
  • 45% less likely to gamble
  • 31% less likely to feel discouraged
  • 228% more likely to share their faith with others!

Transformation. It’s taking place right here, and we’d love to have you join us. Your generosity TODAY can help change someone’s life FOREVER.

Right now, your gift will go twice as far, thanks to a  generous matching grant available through December 31st.

To thank you, we’ll send you our new  Spiritual Fitness  Journal  to  help jumpstart your New Year!  With daily prompts to help you receive, reflect, and respond to God’s Word, our Spiritual Fitness Journal is the perfect companion to help you experience and track spiritual growth!   

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