Experience Real Freedom in Christ

Experience Real Freedom in Christ

Pastor Andrew Farley’s NEW book, Twisted Scripture, sets a few things straight by tackling 45 common scriptural misconceptions that have twisted the truth of God’s Word.

He addresses questions such as…

  • Will God say to you, “Depart from Me”?
  • Can you fall away from God’s grace beyond repentance?
  • Is there any real victory over sin on this side of heaven?
  • Will God blot you out of the Book of Life or spew you out of His mouth?
  • How can you really know God’s will for your life?

As you read the biblical answers to these questions and many more, you’ll find fresh revelation and be equipped to live in the grace that God always intended for you.  


We’ll send you a copy of Twisted Scripture to thank you for your best gift today to help share the truth of God’s Word with more people on radio, television, and online – so they too can be unshackled from the bondage of twisted Scripture.


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