Experience more joy and victory in your life

Experience more joy and victory in your life

If you’ve ever felt like you’re falling into the same old habits and not experiencing victory over sin, you’re not alone. At one time, even the apostle Paul wondered why he was doing the very thing that he didn’t want to do.


But is this struggle the destiny of every Christian? Is it all that we can expect? Why is it that becoming a Christian doesn’t give you instantly better performance?


You’ll find powerful answers to these questions and more in this 7-message series by Andrew Farley, inspired by the book of Romans.


The Bible says that when you’re in Christ, you’re a “new creation” (2 Corinthians 5:17), and this series gives you an in-depth look at your new identity in Him and all the privileges it brings.


We’ll send you The New Creation to thank you for your gift below so more people can hear about Jesus and His unlimited love and grace. 


Thank you for your support today – and may you enjoy all the spiritual blessings that are yours in Christ!



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