Your gift today DOUBLES to share the life-giving liberty of Jesus

When you give today, you’re opening the door for more people to find FREEDOM.

Not nationalistic or political freedom, but something much greater... the all-encompassing, eternal sense of being set free in Christ.

The sad reality is that too many people are burdened and trapped by religion... by legalistic doctrine that tells them they’re “not good enough” for God’s grace.

Your gift today to help meet the $125,000 financial-year-end goal will unravel those lies – by proclaiming the life-giving liberty of Jesus!

What’s more, your gift today will be DOUBLED, thanks to a generous $50,000 Matching Grant.

Please don’t wait. Any portion of the Matching Grant that’s unmet by the end of June will be lost.

Thank you for your generosity to help others experience the freedom that comes only from Jesus Christ!


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