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NBA All-Star and Olympic gold medalist Allan Houston invites you to make a powerful impact through The FISLL Project, a values-based life-path program making a positive difference for youth, coaches, mentors, leaders and people just like you.

Allan’s five core values of Faith, Integrity, Sacrifice, Leadership, and Legacy (FISLL for short) empower you to make your life count as you reach your full potential. The FISLL model serves as a tool to empower youth and leaders to find self discovery, resilience, and purpose. The model is also providing tools for improved overall mental, emotional and spiritual health. Whether utilized by coaches and mentors working with youth, community leaders, sports teams, or corporations, FISLL fuels lives that make a difference.

Your gift today will help keep FISLL content coming your way, and also take FISLL further – so more people can grow in the values that transform lives and communities.*

Thank you for fueling lives that make a difference.

*Donations received by the Allan Houston Legacy Foundation, which oversees and implements all FISLL programs.

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