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Right now, America is lurching towards socialism and nationalism more than ever with big government solutions being proposed at every level of government to every problem our country faces. These failed policies are being proposed and pushed by politicians that see top-down solutions as the only path forward. 

If we don’t elect principled policy champions we will continue to face the biggest policy threats in generations: 

  • Trillions in proposed spending to fund some of the most outrageous partisan priorities like the Green New Deal and the PRO Act
  • Medicare for All and/or a “public option” as a path toward government-controlled medicine
  • Massive and reckless new spending that will jeopardize the financial security of all Americans
  • Packing the Supreme Court, expanding the number of seats, only to fill them with partisan judges who will “legislate from the bench” instead of interpreting the law as it was written, and uphold the Constitution.
  • Elimination of the filibuster to fundamentally change the governing rules of the US Senate to speed up the passing of partisan priorities

Unfortunately, these are just a few of the dangers we face. After the difficulties of this past year there's a growing sense among Americans that America's promise is slipping away, and that more government control is the only answer. 

The upcoming elections will be a critical inflection point to determine which path our country goes down – the one toward more government control or one that empowers people to reach their fullest potential.

Americans for Prosperity Action is committed to electing principled leaders who will be policy champions – individuals who will lead and bring people together on the issues that will move us toward a more perfect union- individuals who are committed to and will fight for the freedoms articulated in the Declaration of Independence.

We will identify and advocate for candidates who advance positive policies that:

  • Foster economic growth and allow Americans to keep more of their hard-earned paychecks
  • Eliminate burdensome regulations that stifle innovation
  • Fight for more affordable and better health care
  • Fight massive unsustainable spending
  • Provide our veterans the care they deserve
  • Expand opportunities for students to access the highest quality education

AFP Action has an unmatched and extraordinarily potent approach to winning the closest and most critical races as a result of its unmatched grassroots capability.

When a state or congressional district’s airwaves are cluttered with political attacks and counter-attacks large numbers of the swing voters become numb to it and tune it out.   

AFP Action cuts through and captures these voters’ attention by waging real person-to-real person advocacy at the doors, on the phones and through personal text messages. All of which have measurable and significant impact.  

Supporting AFP Action means you are supporting a proven winning strategy that focuses on what we all know makes the difference in elections, an effective door to door strategy targeting the key swing voters that will decide the outcome.

Your gift today will be the difference between success and failure. It is the difference between an America we recognize, and the changes big government politicians seek. Your support right now will make a critical difference. 

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